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A featherbrain.

feath′er·head′ed adj.
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(ˈfɛð ərˌbreɪn)

a foolish or giddy person; scatterbrain.
feath′er•brained`, adj.
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I said as much to Clarence; but this mock- ing featherhead only said:
Betty remembers that Hiram was the one who brought fizzle rocks to the school on the night Principal Featherhead died all those years ago.
He'll play Principal Featherhead of Riverdale High circa 1992.
Brown of Cinnamon Lane in Featherhead, Warrington, had previously pleaded guilty to speeding by letter but he was asked to attend, so that a disqualification could be considered.
Her Welsh heritage led to her being cast in a Welsh sitcom called "What The Hell Do You Want Lavinia?" with Ruth Madoc and Stan Stennett, as "a busty featherhead" called Desdemona.
"Macarena": The Macarena is the imbecile's dance/It gives the morons and idiots a chance,/To show the talents of which they have none/Except to show off and have some fun//It was invented by a featherhead,/Who got up and left his brains in bed./Any sane person can tell by a glance,/The Macarena is a fool's trance.
in the Prado the dwarves the lamp-jawed Infantes the featherhead Counts
Alex, a 23-year-old African gray parrot, won't be taking the SATs, but he's no featherhead, says his owner, University of Arizona scientist Irene Pepperberg.
During the event, a Rock band "Featherhead" from the Northeast, performed a fusion of folk and rock music.
The performance of the Featherheads showcased the exotic heritage of the Tangkhul community, whereas the Nagaland Chamber Choir and various other homegrown artists presented songs on the occasion.
She used her newly acquired skills to write Featherheads, which tells how the lives of an elderly couple were affected by Alzheimer's disease.