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1. Plumage.
2. The feathers fitted to an arrow.
3. A fringe of hair on an animal's coat, especially on a dog's leg.


1. (Zoology) the plumage of a bird; feathers
2. (Zoology) another word for feathers2
3. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) printing
a. an imperfection in print caused by the spreading of ink
b. the use of additional space between lines in typesetting in order to fill the page


(ˈfɛð ər ɪŋ)

1. a covering of feathers; plumage.
2. the arrangement of feathers on an arrow.
3. a long fringe of hair, as on the legs of a dog or the legs of a horse; feather.
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Noun1.feathering - turning an oar parallel to the water between pulls
rotary motion, rotation - the act of rotating as if on an axis; "the rotation of the dancer kept time with the music"
rowing, row - the act of rowing as a sport


[ˈfeðərɪŋ] Nplumaje m
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As you'd guess, their thick feathered feet allow them to thrive better in cold environments.If you're thinking like I did at some point that "this extra- feathering is not my thing," you have the choice of crested, bearded and muffed chicken breeds.
In describing the Inupiat collections derived from Point Barrow in 1881, Murdoch (1892:201) reported: "Generally, if not universally, the feathering was made of the feathers of some bird of prey, falcon, eagle, or raven, probably with some notion of giving to the arrow the death-dealing quality of the bird."