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Adj.1.Featherless - having no feathersfeatherless - having no feathers; "a featherless biped"; "the unfeathered legs of an Orpington"
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Two featherless beings appeared, uninvited, at the door of the summer-house, surveyed the constitutional creepers, and said, "These must come down"--looked around at the horrid light of noonday, and said, "That must come in"--went away, thereupon, and were heard, in the distance, agreeing together, "To-morrow it shall be done."
The next morning, the Owls--fast asleep in charge of the Constitution--were roused by voices of featherless beings all round them.
March couldn't get over her surprise, and insisted on shaking hands with every one of the featherless birds, from tall Franz and Emil to the little quadroon, who had the sweetest voice of all.
Even in the shallow Marshalsea, the ever young Archer shot off a few featherless arrows now and then from a mouldy bow, and winged a Collegian or two.
See into what wonderful maudlin refuges, featherless ostriches plunge their heads!
"Oh, it is well enough as the production of a human composer, sung by featherless bipeds, to quote the late Diogenes."
Featherless neck and vent are the most prominent characteristics of Naked-Neck chicken.
3M Thinsulate 100 percent recycled featherless insulation offers a sustainable, cruelty-free alternative to natural down insulation solutions.
There is nothing dignified about random genetic mutations producing a featherless biped, even if this biped so happens to have developed reason and the capacity for moral deliberation.
The bird was sedated with midazolam (2 mg/kg intranasally) for a thorough physical examination, which revealed no significant findings aside from a raised, firm, featherless mass (approximately 2 cm in diameter) on the right ventral thorax at the level of the mid-keel (Fig 1 A) that seemed to bother the parrot when palpated, despite sedation.
Most recently, Pearl and his personal Small Chef (his petite featherless grandma, Dana Cutts) have released a fresh new recipe book called "Waffles & More" in support of Save the Waffles!
Which bird has a featherless white 'shield' above its beak, which led to an idiom which compares bald men to it?