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feat 1

1. An act or accomplishment of great courage, skill, or imagination; an achievement.
2. Obsolete A specialized skill; a knack.

[Middle English fet, from Anglo-Norman, from Latin factum, from neuter past participle of facere, to make, do; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]
Synonyms: feat1, achievement, exploit, masterstroke
These nouns denote an extraordinary deed or action: feats of bravery; achievements of diplomacy; military exploits; a masterstroke of entrepreneurship.

feat 2

adj. feat·er, feat·est Archaic
1. Adroit; dexterous.
2. Neat; trim.

[Middle English fet, suitable, from Old French fait, from Latin factus, done, made; see feature.]

feat′ly adv.


1. neatly
2. fitly
ˈfeatliness n


(ˈfit li)

1. suitably; appropriately.
2. skillfully.
3. neatly; elegantly.
4. graceful; elegant.
feat′li•ness, n.
References in classic literature ?
Among them sport Ares and the keen-eyed Slayer of Argus, while Apollo plays his lyre stepping high and featly and a radiance shines around him, the gleaming of his feet and close-woven vest.
And when they had put away craving for drink and food, they started out with the lord Apollo, the son of Zeus, to lead them, holding a lyre in his hands, and playing sweetly as he stepped high and featly. So the Cretans followed him to Pytho, marching in time as they chanted the Ie Paean after the manner of the Cretan paean-singers and of those in whose hearts the heavenly Muse has put sweet-voiced song.
And then take hands; Curtsied when you have, and kissed The wild waves whist, Foot it featly here and there, And sweet sprites bear The burden.