feature story

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fea′ture sto′ry

the most prominent story in a magazine, usu. the cover story.
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Get hold of a few back numbers, and study the SUNDAY INTELLIGENCER feature story.
Retailer Examples: In this month's feature story, we share how five retailers help their communities.
For the second year in a row, EJAP will also give out an award for the Feature Story published either in a newspaper or a news website.
This year, MB received two awards - the Outstanding Published Photograph on Youth and Education for "Muslim Kid," a photograph taken by Linus Guardian Escandor II, and the grand prize for Outstanding Feature Story on De La Salle University written by Jayson Mangalus entitled "This professor lights up their lives.
Gulf News' Shalini Seth also bagged an award for best English feature story for her write up titled "Global Village: Faces of enterprise:"
The feature story about female circumcision by journalist Dluban Birwari titled "Female Circumcision in KurdistanC*Painful Stories Searching for Ends" won the top trophy while the feature story titled "Al-Qaeda Children Spread Panic in their families and Carry Out Missions with Adult Proficiency" by Aswat correspondent Milad al-Juburi came second.
A friend in his corner" is the title of the accompanying Web slideshow to the feature story about Castriota and Larry Chisholm, a former convict who accepted a job at Castriota's scrap yard and is subsequently trying to open his own boxing school and gym in Pittsburgh.

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