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1. Given special prominence, attention, or publicity: a featured item at a sale.
2. Having a specified kind of facial features. Often used in combination: sharp-featured; plain-featured.


(in combination) having features as specified: heavy-featured.


(ˈfi tʃərd)

1. made a feature or highlight; given prominence.
2. having features or a certain kind of features (usu. used in combination): a well-featured face.
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Adj.1.featured - made a feature or highlight; given prominence; "a featured actor"; "a featured item at the sale"
conspicuous - obvious to the eye or mind; "a tower conspicuous at a great distance"; "wore conspicuous neckties"; "made herself conspicuous by her exhibitionistic preening"
2.featured - having facial features as specified; usually used in combination; "a grim-featured man"
faced - having a face or facing especially of a specified kind or number; often used in combination; "a neatly faced terrace"


adjective headlining, presented, highlighted, prominent, specially presented Our featured speaker will be former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.
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Featured teachers: Doris Fukawa with other SFCM faculty TBA.
The loan featured a 15-year term and a 25-year amortization schedule;
Industrial valves featured in product bulletins include the Model V control valve for use in areas where precise pressure and temperature control are needed, the RV pressure reducing valve, and the Adjustable Orifice valve, a three-position shut-off valve used in areas such as cold water circulation.
Featured teachers: Marilyn Horne, Warren Jones, Anne Epperson, Jerome Lowenthal and the Takacs String Quartet.
Industrial microwave ovens, systems and components are featured in a six-page, four-color, fold-out brochure.
Featured teachers: Music faculty of the University of Mobile with other area musicians.
The company's production line is featured, including rubber injection molding machines, as well as complete production solutions with molds, cold runner blocks, automation equipment and peripheral units.
Featured teachers: Peter Marsh, Louise McClelland, Greg Hopkins, Alvaro Gomez and Russell Guyver, among many others.