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a. fecaloide, semejante a materia fecal.
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Hyperemia in the appendiceal wall, intramural hemorrhage, or densitometric contamination by intraluminal fecaloid content may be considered factors contributing to this increased HU value (Fig.
The condition is usually caused by increased pressure within the lumen following its obstruction due to fecaloid matter, after which infection develops as a result of bacterial translocation.
The left inguinal displayed through a wound the prosthetic material within a fecaloid gathering (Figures 1-2).
On macroscopic examination of the surgical specimen, appendectomy material 4 cm in length with a diameter of 0.6-0.9 cm with some periappendiceal, necrotic-looking adipose tissue appeared obliterated and the lumen was occluded with fecaloid content; appearance on histopathologic examination was reported as compatible with acute appendicitis and hyperplastic polyps (Figure 1, 2).
Simple mucocele is a condition characterized by the presence of normal epithelial cells and the accumulation of mucinous material in the lumen depending on the occlusion of the appendiceal lumen in the presence of a fecaloid or other obstructive etiological factors.
Patients with symptoms of distal disease that cannot be medically controlled and show apparent symptoms related to the fistula-associated blind-loop syndrome (like fecaloid vomiting) usually undergo surgical treatment (8).
A 42 year old Ethiopian male patient presented complaining of crampy abdominal pain of three days duration, followed by frequent fecaloid vomiting and failure to pass feces and flatus of 24hours duration.
Signs of peritoneal irritation are absent, but nasogastric tube reveals fecaloid liquid.