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n. presencia de materia fecal en la orina.
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A 36-year-old man presented with urinary symptoms of enterovesical fistula, such as fecaluria and pneumaturia, 3 weeks after TUR of bladder tumor.
Clinically, fecaluria, pneumaturia and recurrent urinary tract infection are useful in the diagnosis of this disease condition (4).
TABLE 2 Findings that warrant further evaluation of recurrent UTI (18) Asymptomatic microhematuria Evidence of fistula (eg, fecaluria or pneumaturia) Gross hematuria following treatment of infection History of malignancy in the abdomen or pelvis History of urolithiasis History of urologic surgery or trauma Immunocompromised state (eg, diabetes) Outflow obstruction Persistent bacteriuria following treatment with antibiotic to which it is sensitive Recurrent pyelonephritis Urea-positive bacteria associated with urolithiasis UTI, urinary tract infection.