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Full of foul or impure matter; fecal.

[Middle English, from Latin faeculentus, heavy with sediment, from faex, faec-, dregs.]

fec′u·lence n.
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feculence, feculency

1. the condition of being befouled or besmirched.
2. the material causing this condition. — feculent, adj.
See also: Dirt
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Noun1.feculence - something that is feculent
dirtiness, uncleanness - the state of being unsanitary
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"Near the bridges the feculence rolled up in clouds so dense that they were visible at the surface, even in water of this kind," noted Michael Faraday, a British scientist now famous for his contributions to electromagnetism.
And just over three months ago the metropolis reported its first polio case after staying polio free for 18 months an alarming feculence. Furthermore, before seven month old Qasam a resident of village Sheer Khan/ Medina colony in UC13 Gulshan, was confirmed as the victim of polio in September, the infants grandfather, had reported refused the administration of polio drops at Qasam birth like this total six cases of polio have been reported in the world.
In Ariosto's satiric homage to the earlier poet, the only thing that emerges at the end of the scene is our hero, covered in feculence, nude, his wits lost.