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 (fĕ-dä′yē′, -dä′ē′, -dă′-)
n. pl. fe·da·yeen (-yēn′, -ēn′)
A commando or guerrilla, especially an Arab commando operating in the Middle East.

[Arabic fidā'ī, one who sacrifices himself, from fidā', sacrifice, ransom, from fadā, to sacrifice, ransom; see pdy in Semitic roots.]


n, pl -yeen (-jiːn)
(sometimes capital) (in Arab states) a commando, esp one fighting against Israel
[from Arabic fidā'i one who risks his life in a cause, from fidā' redemption]


(fɛ dɑˈyi)

n., pl. -yeen (-ˈyin)
a member of an Arab commando group operating esp. against Israel.
[1950–55; < dial. Arabic fidā'ī (pl. fidā'īyīn) one who sacrifices himself (especially for his country)]
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Fardeen Fedayee, head of Afghanistan Youth Civil Society, commenting on the recent crimes against women and girls says he fears violence will only keep rising.
Garegin Nzhdeh (Ter-Harutyunyan) (Jan 1 1886-Dec 21 1955) was an Armenian statesman, fedayee, political thinker, and, as a
"First a fedayee mujahid… detonated a car bomb causing the enemy heavy casualties and losses and removed all the barriers," the Taliban said on their website.
"I don't know why Mohammad Halim Fedayee, the governor, says such things, and it made me very sad" he said.
And I think you see that in the parts about 1956, about the Egyptian army not putting up much up a fight, and even the fedayee basically coming to the conclusion that the Egyptians were using them which is probably the case.
Odai also commands Fedayee Saddam (Saddam Volunteers) a paramilitary militia.
But every fedayee was just doing what he was fated to do." What they did was train, discuss revolution--and make music.
Another personal incident speeded Andranik's metamorphosis from carpenter to fedayee (freedom fighter).
However, two former Taleban commanders, Omar Khetab and Mullah Mansoor Dadullah, who set up another group called Mahaz Fedayee, according to reports, have accused Mullah Mansoor of killing Mullah Omar.