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Verb1.feed back - submit (information) again to a program or automatic system
return, render - give back; "render money"
2.feed back - respond to a query or outcome
propose, suggest, advise - make a proposal, declare a plan for something; "the senator proposed to abolish the sales tax"

w>feed back

vt sep facts, informationzurückleiten (→ to an +acc); moneyzurückfließen lassen; (Elec) → rückkoppeln; by the time the information had been fed back to himals die Informationen schließlich zu ihm zurückkamen; to feed something back into the computerdem Computer etw wieder eingeben
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RAWALPINDI, September 10, 2011 (Balochistan Times): To change the thana culture, ensure timely and free registration of cognisable offence and to get citizens feedback on their performance Rawalpindi Police stimulated Citizens Feed Back Cell here on Friday.
The Gateshead Housing Company carried out the survey at six blocks in central Gateshead and teams that have the service, and is now looking to feed back the results to residents.
In order to minimize the number of duplets, triplets and 'zeroes' (empty fillings), sensor gates were mounted on each assembling pan, enabling feed back on product filling in each pan.
Honest feed back from the trainees is never encouraged and the problems faced by the PGs are never resolved and looked after.
Their prototype is about the size of half a kitchen table--"a flying platform"--weighing 15 to 20 pounds and equipped with distance-measuring sensors, infra-red lights and cameras with video feed back to an operator who can view the images on a lap-top.
Railroads pay lower tariffs than do trucking companies--about half--and with more grain coming in on the tracks, the resulting savings will feed back into the system.
The sensitive must receive that staggering set of energies and feed back something like the same quantity of information.
In demonstrating the SafetyNet product line to major real estate organizations in New York City, we have received extremely positive feed back," said Joe Dee, chief executive officer and president of JAD Corporation.
Vehicles inevitably feed back on to these streets; and it is especially compounded due to the fact that the seaboard prevents them securing further spaces.
FMW's product development is based on continuous customer relation and feed back in order to obtain optimum results.
Every 11 seconds, transducers in the controller feed back to the computer new information on the resident's position in the chair.
Goodyear agreed to use the adhesive in its retreding operations, analyze the results and feed back information to the manufacturer.