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Noun1.feed bunk - a long trough for feeding cattle
manger, trough - a container (usually in a barn or stable) from which cattle or horses feed
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In as much as the substitution of SFC for DRC increases the energy density of the diet, it follows that to the extent that time allowed at the feed bunk is restricted, the substitution could result in greater energy intake and hence, growth-performance.
Every 30 minutes, we recorded the number of cows in each location within the pen: corral shelter (underneath the roof, or its shadow, in the middle of the pen), feed bunk shelter (underneath the roof placed over the concrete apron in front of feed), water trough (within two cow body-lengths of the water source) and open area (any other area that was unsheltered).
Heifers were brought from pasture to the barn every day at 07:00 h and were individually restrained at the feed bunk, where they received 2.5 kg of concentrate from 07:30 h to 09:30 h (GMT -03:00).
Weiser Concrete is especially known as a leader in the design and construction of cost-effective, environmentally-responsible products for agriculture, including precast bunker panels, manure storage systems, plus feed bunk and grain storage structures.
Hard to see here, but I ran a piece of aluminum flashing that I had laying around on the bottom of the feed bunk to make the hay slide easily.
To maintain high milk yield require high energy intake, which is provided by high concentrate levels, which can be offered at milking time or directly at feed bunk [23].
Not only do they solemnly walk single file behind the herd boss to the feed bunk, they know their place in line.
Three pen sampling sites were behind the feed bunk on top of the central mound and near the down-gradient end of the pen (Figure 3).
Yet earlier this week, a cow elk dipped her head into the trailer to feast on the grain as if eating from a feed bunk. The trailer - a detached pickup bed - was filled with brewing mash and was only partly covered with plywood, giving the animals easy access.
On June 22, 1994, a 46-year-old farmer died after becoming entangled in an unshielded auger system that was being used to move feed down the length of a feed bunk in a cattle feed lot.
The cows were housed in pens (4 cows/pen; 4.0 m wide x 8.2 m length = 32.8 [m.sup.2]/pen; 8.2 [m.sup.2] for each cow) with one side a 4.0 m wide feed bunk side (side A) and another side equipped with water supply (side B).