feed grain

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Noun1.feed grain - grain grown for cattle feedfeed grain - grain grown for cattle feed    
feed, provender - food for domestic livestock
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Millet: Its value as a feed grain is not well documented.
It was harvested 1218 thousand tons of silage (101% to the plan, 105% to the level of the previous year), 72 thousand tonnes of feed grain (100% to the plan, 103% to the level of the previous year), 30.
Thirdly, we are disseminating the guide on a very widespread basis to feed and pet food manufacturers, feed grain and ingredient suppliers, and to dealer /retail networks, among others.
You can feed grain in the litter in the chicken house, you can scatter it outside, or you can feed it in troughs or tube feeders.
The expected gross grain harvest will completely cover the region's own need for seeds, food and feed grain.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of feed grain and feed additives
The expansion is driven by growing demand for food and feed grain preservation due to population increase and enhanced living standards in Asian countries, particularly in China and India, said Narayan Krishnamohan, Senior Vice President, BASF Intermediates Asia Pacific.
January 26 2010 -- The Poultry Science Association (PSA) is warning poultry farmers that the late corn harvest and adverse weather has increased the chances that certain mycotoxin-producing moulds may be present in the feed grain.
Tenders are invited for The provision of transportation services for the transportation of feed grain harvest in 2017 in the Gomel region.
The analysts said the country's pork industry is being affected by the growth of biofuels which have raised feed grain prices worldwide as well as constraints surrounding country of origin labeling (COOL) legislation in the US and a sustained trend of a high Canadian dollar combined with weakening U.
At this time, livestock producers are indicating adequate amounts of hay, straw, greenfeed and feed grain for their winter feeding needs.