feed on

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Verb1.feed on - be sustained by; "He fed on the great ideas of her mentor"
fulfil, fulfill, satisfy, meet, fill - fill or meet a want or need

w>feed on

vi +prep objsich (er)nähren von; (fig)sich nähren von
vt sep +prep obj to feed somebody on something (animal, baby)jdn mit etw füttern; personjdn mit etw ernähren
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Fabre has lately shown good reason for believing that although the Tachytes nigra generally makes its own burrow and stores it with paralysed prey for its own larvae to feed on, yet that when this insect finds a burrow already made and stored by another sphex, it takes advantage of the prize, and becomes for the occasion parasitic.
But this was not all; for now I not only had goat's flesh to feed on when I pleased, but milk too - a thing which, indeed, in the beginning, I did not so much as think of, and which, when it came into my thoughts, was really an agreeable surprise, for now I set up my dairy, and had sometimes a gallon or two of milk in a day.