feedback circuit

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: circuit - a circuit that feeds back some of the output to the input of a systemfeedback circuit - a circuit that feeds back some of the output to the input of a system
circuit, electric circuit, electrical circuit - an electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow
control circuit, negative feedback circuit - a feedback circuit that subtracts from the input
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The common mode feedback circuit comprises a nMOS input stage differential amplifier and a pMOS input stage amplifier which are connected in parallel, and a push-pull CMOS amplifier for converting current outputs from the nMOS and the input stage differential amplifiers to an output voltage signal.
As Xiaolu Yang, PhD, professor of Cancer Biology and investigator in Penn's Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute, and his team describe, p53 participates in a molecular feedback circuit with malic enzymes, thereby showing that p53 activity is also involved in regulating metabolism.
If feedback circuit is used to control arc current it is a difficult to achieve needed speed of reaction because of the fast voltage oscillation in welding arc.
The negative resistance of the positive feedback circuit to compensate resistive losses of an inductor could result in potential instability depending on the [g.
Electrometers use a feedback circuit to measure charge, as shown here.
2] and the load resistance R2 and photodiode feedback circuit with a resistor [R.
A feedback circuit such as this one really needs to be designed by separating the forward and feedback networks so the effect of each can be better understood.
The PVM- 740 monitor is also equipped with Sony's feedback circuit, which works to monitor the light output and feedback information to ensure precise white balance.
In this instance, Tudor sent the resulting sounds out to various objects (the score calls for eight), on which he placed contact microphones, so that they too became part of the feedback circuit.
A feedback circuit is established between the two cells.
The common-mode feedback circuit sets the common-mode output voltage.