feeder road

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feed′er road`

a minor road used to bring traffic to a major road.
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42% of the rural feeder road network (50,000 km) are not paved according to standards while the remaining 58% are not even paved, he affirmed.
LSE: SLI) has completed the purchase of a multi let industrial scheme in Feeder Road, Bristol for GBP 5.
Citing media reports, the NUJP said Remate columnist Joaquin Briones was shot four times in the back along Bombon Bridge, Sitio Feeder Road in Barangay Bacolod at around 8:45 a.
This feeder road construction would be from Aluakluak payam, Mapuordit payam to Ngop payam as agreed by the community of that area," he said.
The upgrade programme also includes construction and rehabilitation of river defences along the Yarabaqua and Caratal rivers, and rehabilitation of sections of the feeder road network.
Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Erkki Nghimtina, Minister of Works and Transport said, this project is one of the Government's effort to expand the feeder road network to provide access to the rural community in line with the 2015 Millennium Development Goals and Vision 2030.
Wales and West Utilities is installing new plastic gas pipes beneath a feeder road to the Culverhouse Cross junction.
This is the main feeder road into the university for people travelling from Leamington/Kenilworth and their only feasible diversion will be to continue along Kenilworth Road to join the A45 and then exit at Canley which will still be in the grip of major roadworks.
Another driver and I got out of our cars and headed past the trucks, where some bystanders who had seen the accident from the adjacent feeder road hustled over to the upside-down pickup.
The accident happened on the two-lane feeder road from the M42 southbound on to the M5 northbound at junction 4a.
To accuse Cardiff of having queues is ridiculous when you consider the notorious A406, the north circular that is the main feeder road to Wembley.