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A satellite dish component that captures the signal reflected from the dish surface and channels it into an amplifier.
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Wylde, "Reducing standing waves in quasi-optical systems by optimal feedhorn design," in Joint 32nd International Conference on Infrared and Millimeter Waves, 2007 and the 2007 International Conference on Terahertz Electronics.
The key motivating factor in the addition of the X-band component was the enhanced resolution achievable by the CSU-CHILL offset feed antenna at X band through its capability to accommodate different feedhorn units (S band, X band, and simultaneous S and X bands all with dual-polarization capability) to create single-and dual-wavelength, dual-polarization datasets.
FEEDHORN At the focus of each ATA antenna is this peculiar-looking feedhorn, designed to pick up incoming signals, amplify them, and then send them via a fiberoptic cable to a central control room where they are correlated with data from other antennas.
* The feedhorn offset is incorrectly set on the antenna.
The ATMS channels are reflected by a flat, rotating reflector to a parabolic reflector, and then to a feedhorn. Channels are diplexed into separate channels and amplified by a low noise amplifier (LNA).
Feedhorn Temperature Control on a 4.6 m Radio Telescope, Tia L.
Running through mid-January, the promotion package includes an MTI feedhorn, 35-degree LNB and 18-inch Blackjack actuator, and represents around $100 in additional value to dealers.
The other rather critical component of the antenna is the feedhorn.