feeding frenzy

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feed·ing frenzy

1. A period of intense or excited feeding, as by sharks.
2. Excited activity by a group, especially around a focal point: "The media swirled and boiled around the newlyweds in a kind of all-out feeding frenzy" (James Kaplan).

feeding frenzy

1. (Biology) a phenomenon in which aquatic predators, esp sharks, become so excited when eating that they attack each other
2. a period of intense excitement over or interest in a person or thing: the media erupt into a feeding frenzy.

feed′ing fren`zy

Slang. a ruthless attack on or exploitation of someone esp. by the media.
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Following a harrowing lieladen feeding frenzy, the democracy of the United Kingdom finally gave up its brave fight and succumbed to a small but virulent group of parasitic germs Conservativus Non Demicratus Maximus.
FEEDING FRENZY. Hundreds came to take part in the feeding program at Davao City's Rizal Park hosted by Mayor Sara Duterte to celebrate her 41st birthday on Friday, May 31, 2019.
Labour's Shadow Chancellor and a close ally of the Labour leader, John McDonnell, accused the Israeli prime minister of joining a "media feeding frenzy" and declared: "Enough is enough", presstv reported.
There was a feeding frenzy, and it became impossible for her to get a fair hearing."
THE team filming BBC hit Blue Planet II fled in panic as sharks swarmed a shoot in a feeding frenzy.
ANOTHER tour by a top act and another disgraceful feeding frenzy for ticket touts.
Chicago, IL, September 02, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Funding Feeding Frenzy announces the details of its Sept.
Once a feeding frenzy starts, the fish are primed for an offering of fresh kapenta, enticingly threaded onto a hook, or a spinner dressed with a strip fillet, or better yet, a large noisy surface lure, tossed and chugged to attract the mamma of all fish.
Feeding frenzy: Darren Boyd | FORTITUDE (9pm Sky Atlantic) "SUMMER is coming" Sheri Anderson promises the party people of Fortitude tonight, in a nice bit of in-house marketing to remind us that Season Five of Game Of rones is just over a month away.
The feeding frenzy caught in film is a unique occurrence, according to senior fisheries biologist at the state of Massachusetts, Gregory Skomal.
The hatching of which fly causes trout to begin a feeding frenzy? 5.
Of course, the phonics teacher stops at this point and sets the class off on an alphabet feeding frenzy! When penny comes to shove, it seems that X (the most unpopular) falls one short until the youngest stands up with another card entitled 'xenophobia'!