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Food for livestock; fodder.


(ˈfiːdˌstʌf) or


(Veterinary Science) any material used as a food, esp for animals



2. any substance used in or for feed.
[1855–60, Amer.]
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The fear of a crisis similar to the one affecting long-grain rice last year, which immobilised a number of freighters in the port of Rotterdam for weeks, is shared by the EU composed feedingstuff and animal trade and breeding sectors.
With food prices skyrocketing for consumers and milk prices down for producers, notably due to high energy, fertiliser and feedingstuff prices, these organisations say this is not the right time for an increase in milk production.
Obligation to provide an exact quantitative indication (by percentage) of all the feed materials used in every compound feedingstuff.
The subject of the public contract shall be the supply of compound feedingstuffs, as required by the contracting authority, in accordance with the detailed specification set out in Annex A, Nos.
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Nevertheless, the livestock sector is part of this growing phase of the sector, where the tonnage of compound feedingstuffs has increased from 210 000 tons to 470 000 tons.
[13.] Official Journal of the European Union (2004) List of the authorised additives in feedingstuffs published in application of Article 9t (b) of Council Directive 70/524/EEC concerning additives in feedingstuffs.