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Raw material or fuel required for an industrial process.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) the main raw material used in the manufacture of a product


or feed′ stock`,

raw material for a processing or manufacturing industry.
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Noun1.feedstock - the raw material that is required for some industrial process
raw material, staple - material suitable for manufacture or use or finishing
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Advancements in next generation processing technologies are opening up vast new areas of low-carbon feedstocks that can be utilized in large-scale, commercial volumes, including agricultural waste, forestry residues, municipal solid waste, brown grease, trap grease, gutter oil, and plastic bottles.
Westlake benefits from access to advantaged natural gas liquids based ethylene feedstocks, which have historically maintained a cost advantage over naphtha based ethylene feedstocks.
Major scale-up and start-up problems at cellulosic biorefineries and biomass processing facilities are being traced to feedstocks with poor flowability.
Despite US feedstocks becoming more competitive thanks to a boom in shale gas production and the low price of natural gas as a result of a glut, the GCC region retains access to key growth markets.
Titanium dioxide (Ti[O.sub.2]) pigment production is the most important consumer of titanium dioxide feedstocks accounting for 83 percent of production in 2015--and annual average growth in demand for feedstocks from the Ti[O.sub.2] www.coatingsworld.com pigment industry is forecast at 4.2 percent py going forward to 2025.
Gasification offers a promising option to convert low value carbonaceous feedstocks and waste into valuable products.
The viscosity of the feedstocks was measured by an Anton Paar MCR 501 rotational rheometer using the concentric-cylinder C-PTD200, with a Peltier temperature controlled measuring system.
Another factor that directly affects particle size distribution during the comminution process is moisture content of biomass feedstocks. Suadicani and Gamborg (1999) examined the size distribution of chips from freshly felled and summer-dried trees in western Denmark.
"I believe that we shouldn't think of these feedstocks as mutually exclusive choices, but rather view them as a mixed pool of feedstock that can be used to leverage each other," he said.
SABIC UK Petrochemicals, which has operations on Teesside including the Olefins Cracker and LDPE (low density polyethylene) plant at Wilton, wants to build a large storage tank at its North Tees site for new feedstocks.
Piemonte, de Falco, and Basile present this volume on strategies for maintaining chemical production in the face of inevitable declines in petroleum feedstocks for energy and bulk small molecules.