feel for

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Verb1.feel for - share the suffering of
grieve, sorrow - feel grief
commiserate, sympathise, sympathize - to feel or express sympathy or compassion
care - feel concern or interest; "I really care about my work"; "I don't care"

w>feel for

vi +prep obj
(= sympathize with)(mit)fühlen mit, Mitgefühl haben mit; I feel for youSie tun mir leid
(= search or grope for)tasten nach; (in pocket, bag etc) → kramen nach
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It is not the force that ought to rule us,--this that we feel for each other; it would rend me away from all that my past life has made dear and holy to me.
Could I feel for these people if I wanted to--just in case--or had I cut myself off with no chance of return?
It is intensely delightful to play the piano for an audience that is able to express the joy they feel for the music.