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v. felt (fĕlt), feel·ing, feels
a. To perceive through the sense of touch: feel the velvety smoothness of a peach.
b. To perceive as a physical sensation: feel a sharp pain; feel the cold.
a. To touch: reached out and felt the wall.
b. To examine by touching: felt the fabric for flaws. See Synonyms at touch.
3. To test or explore with caution: feel one's way in a new job.
a. To undergo the experience of: felt my interest rising; felt great joy.
b. To be aware of; sense: felt the anger of the crowd.
c. To be emotionally affected by: She still feels the loss of her dog.
a. To be persuaded of (something) on the basis of intuition, emotion, or other indefinite grounds: I feel that what the informant says may well be true.
b. To believe; think: She felt his answer to be evasive.
1. To experience the sensation of touch.
a. To produce a particular sensation, especially through the sense of touch: The sheets felt smooth.
b. To produce a particular impression; appear to be; seem: It feels good to be home. See Usage Note at well2.
3. To be conscious of a specified kind or quality of physical, mental, or emotional state: felt warm and content; feels strongly about the election.
4. To seek or explore something by the sense of touch: felt for the light switch in the dark.
5. To have compassion or sympathy: I feel for him in his troubles.
1. Perception by touch or by sensation of the skin: a feel of autumn in the air.
2. The sense of touch: a surface that is rough to the feel.
a. An act or instance of touching or feeling: gave the carpet a feel.
b. Vulgar An act or instance of sexual touching or fondling.
4. An overall impression or effect: "gives such disparate pictures ... a crazily convincing documentary feel" (Stephen King).
5. Intuitive awareness or natural ability: has a feel for decorating.
Phrasal Verbs:
feel out
To try cautiously or indirectly to ascertain the viewpoint or nature of: We'd better feel out the situation before acting.
feel up Vulgar
To touch or fondle (someone) sexually.
feel in (one's) bones
To have an intuition of.
feel like Informal
To have an inclination or desire for: felt like going for a walk.
feel like (oneself)
To sense oneself as being in one's normal state of health or spirits: I just don't feel like myself today.
feel (one's) oats
1. To be energetic and playful.
2. To act in a self-important manner.

[Middle English felen, from Old English fēlan; see pāl- in Indo-European roots.]
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Verb1.feel like - have an inclination for something or some activity; "I feel like staying in bed all day"; "I feel like a cold beer now"
desire, want - feel or have a desire for; want strongly; "I want to go home now"; "I want my own room"
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يَرغَبُ، يَشْعُر بِمَيْلٍيَشْعُرُ بِمَيْلٍ إلى، يُحِبُّ أنيَشْعُر مِثْل
cítit se jakomít chuť
føle somhave lyst til
tener ganas
érzi magátkedve van
langalanga ílíîa
cítiť sa ako
canı ... çekmekcanı ... istemekcanı istemekgibi hissetmek


(fiːl) past tense, past participle felt (felt) verb
1. to become aware of (something) by the sense of touch. She felt his hand on her shoulder.
2. to find out the shape, size, texture etc of something by touching, usually with the hands. She felt the parcel carefully.
3. to experience or be aware of (an emotion, sensation etc). He felt a sudden anger.
4. to think (oneself) to be. She feels sick; How does she feel about her work?
5. to believe or consider. She feels that the firm treated her badly.
ˈfeeler noun
(in certain animals, insects etc) an organ for touching, especially one of the two thread-like parts on an insect's head.
ˈfeeling noun
1. power and ability to feel. I have no feeling in my little finger.
2. something that one feels physically. a feeling of great pain.
3. (usually in plural) something that one feels in one's mind. His angry words hurt my feelings; a feeling of happiness.
4. an impression or belief. I have a feeling that the work is too hard.
5. affection. He has no feeling for her now.
6. emotion. He spoke with great feeling.
feel as if / as though
to have the sensation (physical or mental) or feeling that. I feel as if I am going to be sick; She feels as though she has known him for years.
feel like
1. to have the feelings that one would have if one were. I feel like a princess in this beautiful dress; He felt like an idiot (= He felt very foolish).
2. to feel that one would like to (have, do etc). I feel like a drink; Do you feel like going to the cinema?
feel one's way
to find one's way by feeling. I had to feel my way to the door in the dark.
get the feel of
to become accustomed to. to get the feel of a new job.


(laik) adjective
the same or similar. They're as like as two peas.
the same as or similar to; in the same or a similar way as. He climbs like a cat; She is like her mother.
someone or something which is the same or as good etc as another. You won't see his like / their like again.
(especially American) in the same or a similar way as. No-one does it like he does.
ˈlikely adjective
1. probable. the likely result; It's likely that she'll succeed.
2. looking etc as if it might be good, useful, suitable etc. a likely spot for a picnic; She's the most likely person for the job.
ˈlikelihood noun
ˈliken verb
to think or speak of as being similar; to compare. He likened the earth to an apple.
ˈlikeness noun
1. (a) similarity or resemblance. The likeness between them is amazing.
2. a representation of a a person etc in a photographic or painted portrait etc. That photo of Mary is a good likeness.
ˈlikewise adverb
1. in the same or a similar manner. He ignored her, and she ignored him likewise.
2. also. Mrs. Brown came, likewise Mrs. Smith.
like-ˈminded adjective
having a similar opinion or purpose.
a likely story!
I don't believe it!.
as likely as not
probably. As likely as not, he won't remember to come.
be like someone
to be typical of someone. It isn't like him to be late.(=Geç kalmak onun adeti değildir.)
feel like
to be inclined, willing or anxious to (do or have something). I don't feel like going out; I expect he feels like a cup of tea.
he etc is likely to
it is probable that he etc will. He is likely to fail.
look like
1. to appear similar to. She looks very like her mother.
2. to show the effects, signs or possibility of. It looks like rain.
not likely!
certainly not!. `Would you put your head in a lion's mouth?' `Me? Not likely!'
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