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 (fā-zhô′ə, -jō′-, -hō′-)
An evergreen shrub (Acca sellowiana syn. Feijoa sellowiana) native to South America and cultivated as an ornamental and for its sweet, tart fruit. Also called pineapple guava.

[New Latin Feijoa, former genus name, after João da Silva Feijó (1760-1824), Brazilian soldier and naturalist.]


1. (Botany) an evergreen myrtaceous shrub, Feijoa sellowiana, of South America
2. (Botany) the fruit of this shrub
[C19: from New Latin, named after J. da Silva Feijo, 19th-century Spanish botanist]
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Noun1.feijoa - South American shrub having edible greenish plumlike fruit
pineapple guava, feijoa - dark-green kiwi-sized tropical fruit with white flesh; used chiefly for jellies and preserves
genus Feijoa - small South American shrubs or trees
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
2.feijoa - dark-green kiwi-sized tropical fruit with white flesh; used chiefly for jellies and preserves
edible fruit - edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
feijoa, feijoa bush - South American shrub having edible greenish plumlike fruit
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Here are our favourite recipes: Chris Edwardes from Aloha Burning Love Ingredients: 30mls 42BELOW Feijoa, 20mls Galliano Authentico, 10mls Chartreuse, 30mls Donn''s mix of grapefruit and cinnamon, 2 dashes absinthe, 20mls lemon juice, 40mls apple juice Method: Shaken strain into a Tiki mug, garnish with allspice, cinnamon and caraway seeds, flame with Chartreuse.
The genera Accara and Feijoa (= Acca, Pineapple Guava) were formerly included in Psidium.Fadi Allafi /Kh.
Third finalist Jonty spiced it up for the judges with his Fiery Feijoa, which mixed elderflower liqueur and lemoncello with a birdseye chilli.
The fruit in question is not a kiwi but a feijoa that happens to resemble the flightless bird that is the national symbol of New Zealand.
Plantas cultivadas en el predio Cereales Forrajes Frutales Leguminosas Medicinales aromaticas Amaranto Alfalfa Chulupa Arveja Albahaca Maiz Algodon Feijoa Habichuela Calendula Quinua Cana Guayabo Frijol Carey Soya Imperial Lulo Haba Cicuta Trigo Nacedero Macadamia Curcuma Mora Cafe Papaya Helecho Platano Macho Tomate Llanten de arbol Uchuva Manzanilla Aguacate Mirto Banano Menta Limon Ruda Naranja Sabila Toronjil Yerbabuena Cimarron Comino Perejil Poleo Guasca Drago Cereales Hortalizas Tuberculos Amaranto Ahuyama Remolacha Maiz Cilantro Papa Quinua Acelga Yuca Soya Apio Yacon Trigo Brocoli Arracacha Cebolla larga Cebolla de huevo Cebollin Col Coliflor Repollo Zanahoria Lechuga Rabano Espinaca Cuadro 4.
With scant prompting, the gregarious writer also volunteers that he was an alcoholic; that he is embarrassed by Brazilian president Lula Da Silva's often-stated fondness of his book about a legendary futbol player; that when he turns in for the night, he reads only books in French and English; and that he knows which restaurant in Rio serves the very best feijoa mantega--buttered beans--in the whole world.
(1994) while studying the initial growth of Feijoa sellowiana Berg., verified that P presented significant influence on all variables considered.
Los frutos de esta especie, comercializados en los Estados Unidos como "feijoa" son procedentes en su gran mayoria de Nueva Zelanda y una pequena proporcion de origen local, mas exactamente de cultivos ubicados en la region de California.
Empleo de enzimas comerciales en la obtencion de jugo clarificado de feijoa sellowiana.
To be selected, bartenders worldwide submitted original cocktails using 42 Below Vodka or the brand's flavored varieties, such as Passionfruit, Feijoa, Kiwifruit and Manuka Honey, or the company's South Gin.
Tolerancia de plantas de Feijoa [Acca sellowiana (Berg.) Burret] a la salinidad por NaCl.
For new taste sensations that tease and satisfy kids' curiosities, the company's Tropicsense portfolio of flavors includes the popular banana, pineapple and mango as well as the more unusual and exotic bacuri, feijoa, cactus fruit, maracuja, papaya, passion fruit, guava (pink and green), pitahaya, pomegranate, soursop and tamarind.