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 (fĕld-spăth′ĭk, fĕl-)
Of, relating to, or containing feldspar.

[feldspath (obsolete variant of feldspar, from obsolete German Feldspath, feldspar; see feldspar) + -ic.]
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(fɛldˈspæθ ɪk, fɛl-, ˈfɛld spæθ-, ˈfɛl-)

pertaining to or containing feldspar.
[1825–35; < German Feldspat(h) (see feldspar)]
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Near the coast the rough lava is quite bare: in the central and higher parts, feldspathic rocks by their decomposition have produced a clayey soil, which, where not covered by vegetation, is stained in broad bands of many bright colours.
The feldspar mining market consists of sales of feldspar by entities (organizations, sole traders and partnerships) that mine feldspar from pegmatite or feldspathic sand deposits.
Feldspathic porcelains (CEREC Blocs PC, Sirona) are fabricated using fine-grained powders to produce a nearly porefree ceramic with fine crystals, which results in improved polish ability and decreased enamel wear (5).
In this context, the aim of the present study was to compare the SBS of metal orthodontic brackets bonded to aged and fresh porcelain (feldspathic ceramic) and composite (nano-filled, nanohybrid, and microhybrid) surfaces.
Among their topics are the provenance and alteration of feldspathic and quartzose sediments in southern Mexico: an application of Krynine's hypothesis on second-cycle arkose, the paleomagnetism and rotation history of the Blue Mountains in Oregon, Late Cenozoic uplift and shortening in the central California Coast Ranges and the development of the San Joaquin Basin foreland, local-to-distance provenance cyclicity of the southern Front Range in central Colorado: insights from detrial zircon geochronology, and Cenozoic basin evolution in the Indus-Yarlung suture zone and High Himalaya.
The materials selected for the research were feldspathic ceramic (FC) as a control group, lithiuim disilicate glass ceramic (LD) in its intermediate phase, leucite-reinforced glass ceramic (LR), and nanofilled resin material (RN).
Petrographic and geochemical details suggest that the Tredian sandstone ranges from sub-feldspathic arenite to feldspathic arenite and hence is mineralogically sub-mature.
Effect of colored beverages on the color stability of feldspathic porcelain subjected to various surface treatments.
Sample No Rock name [[rho].sub.R] [[rho].sub.C] g/cm3 g/cm3 Gneiss SG-23881a Garnet-biotite 2.68 2.82 polished gneiss SG-38631n Muscovite- biotite 2.50 2.81 gneiss SG-41154-2 Kyanite-biotite 2.97 2.92 gneiss aluminiferous SG-42003n Kyanite-biotite gneiss 2.63 2.89 aluminiferous, with sillimanite SG-42148-2 Garnet-Kyanite-biotite 2.85 2.97 gneiss aluminiferous, with sillimanite Average 2.73 2.88 [+ or -]0.17 [+ or -]0.06 Schist SG-23542n Two-mica schist 2.89 2.85 polished SG-23696a Two-mica schist with 2.67 2.76 garnet SG-30025n Ep-Bt schist 2.53 2.83 SG-34016n Epidote-biotite 2.59 2.73 schist with muscovite SG-39164 Epidote-biotite schist 2.78 2.93 Average 2.69 2.82 [+ or -]0.13 [+ or -]0.07 Amphibolite SG-23467 Amphibolite 2.80 3.06 polished feldspathic SG-26158a Amphibolite 3.08 3.18 H.
Lithium disilicate materials from Ivoclar Vivadent although not Feldspathic & needs a core of minimum of 0.3mm, are very helpful and enables the clinician to use minimally invasive preparations to create high pleasing esthetic results 16.
Degree of conversion and bond strength of resin-cements to feldspathic ceramic using different curing modes.
a- Leucite-reinforced glass ceramics (low to moderate leucite-containing feldspathic glass)