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1. Admirably suited; apt: a felicitous comparison.
2. Exhibiting an agreeably appropriate manner or style: a felicitous writer.
3. Marked by happiness or good fortune: a felicitous life.

fe·lic′i·tous·ly adv.
fe·lic′i·tous·ness n.
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Adv.1.felicitously - in a felicitous manner; "a not felicitously chosen word"
infelicitously - in an infelicitous manner; "he chose his words rather infelicitously"
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Rearranging my collar, which, truth to say, ought to have been a round one above a short jacket, but was not, I observed felicitously that I had come to say good-bye, being ready to go off to sea that very night with the Tremolino.
"Truly, you did well," said the Marquis, felicitously sensible that such vermin were not to ruffle him, "to see a thief accompanying my carriage, and not open that great mouth of yours.
Brooke read them, seemed felicitously worded-- surprisingly the right thing, and determined a sequel which he had never before thought of.
As Cornelius van Baerle was concerned in the growing of tulips and in the pursuit of politics at one and the same time, the prisoner is of hybrid character, of an amphibious organisation, working with equal ardour at politics and at tulips, which proves him to belong to the class of men most dangerous to public tranquillity, and shows a certain, or rather a complete, analogy between his character and that of those master minds of which Tarquin the Elder and the Great Conde have been felicitously quoted as examples."
And the fourth, from the felicitously named Catherine Money, of Surrey, provided important cultural context, as well as an acronym for "milk-in-first."
In parallel, the project ofExpansion of Packet-switched Networkto increase the internet transmission was completed felicitously.
32), he treats Hindu ritual as a special kind of action, a definition that felicitously overlaps with the importance of karma, the 'action' or 'work' of ritual in the Indie context (p.
For Augustine, as Greenblatt so felicitously puts it, "human sinfulness is a sexually transmitted disease." The fourth-century monk Jerome laid the blame for the couple's wrongdoings at Eve's feet, an interpretation that continues to foster mistreatment of women in churches and in society.
So much so that even in the delivery room, they announced, 'it's a boy!' more felicitously.
By the 1990s, separatist sentiment was strongest in the rural far north, whose lumberjacks and pot growers and pickup drivers revived the pre-World War II proposal to meld northern California and southern Oregon into the felicitously named State of Jefferson.
Not the most felicitously worded endorsement, but it would provide coverage when, for example, trees blown down by a windstorm block the roads leading to or from the insureds premises.
What he does you'll learn in the final "breaking news," but what I'll tell you here is that, however tragic Zeno's world, Hija Trojanow's depiction of it is trenchantly funny, and his inventive and acrobatic German has been rendered into felicitously engaging English by Philip Boehm.