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 (fĕl′ə, fə-lä′)
n. pl. fel·la·hin or fel·la·heen (fĕl′ə-hēn′, fə-lä-hēn′)
A peasant or agricultural laborer in an Arab country, such as Syria or Egypt.

[Arabic fallāḥ, from falaḥa, to cultivate, till; see plx̣ in Semitic roots.]
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n, pl fellahs, fellahin or fellaheen (ˌfɛləˈhiːn)
a peasant in Arab countries
[C18: from Arabic, dialect variant of fallāh, from falaha to cultivate]
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(ˈfɛl ə)

n., pl. fel•lahs, fel•la•hin, fel•la•heen (ˌfɛl əˈhin)
a peasant in Arabic-speaking countries.
[1735–45; < Arabic fallāḥ peasant]
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Noun1.fellah - an agricultural laborer in Arab countriesfellah - an agricultural laborer in Arab countries
peasant - one of a (chiefly European) class of agricultural laborers
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Fellache m, → Fellachin f
= fellow1 a
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"Well," said he, at last, "we've gone and done it, young fellah my lad." (This curious phrase he pronounced as if it were all one word--"young-fellah-me-lad.") "Yes, we've taken a jump, you an' me.
There are times, young fellah, when every one of us must make a stand for human right and justice, or you never feel clean again.
The more you knew of that country, young fellah, the more you would understand that anythin' was possible--ANYTHIN'1.
It's the last thing you young fellahs think of learnin'.
grass when you get near Challenger, for this young fellah and I have a bit of a weakness for the old dear."
"You're ill, young fellah, that's what's amiss with you," said Lord John.
"Is this the fellah who was taken when you swam for it?" he inquired, relapsing into his drawl.
Franco Fellah, Executive Vice President at HK Group, announced the 7,800 s/f lease of the building at 1501 Kings Highway East in Fairfield.
Joanne shouted after him as he reached the door: "Peter, the fellah on the radio has just said people should stay indoors unless their journey's necessary!" Without turning, he went to the snowcovered cab in his driveway, shouting: "My journey IS necessary - I don't want people to die of pneumonia waiting for a taxi in this!" Of course, Peter wasn't in the least concerned about stranded clubbers.
Il a fait savoir egalement que la BADR a introduit dans son portefeuille un nouveau produit au profit des fellahs. Il s'agit d'un carnet d'epargne islamique baptise le livret du Fellah.
The old state-run marketplace, souk el fellah (and, before that, tramway station), was not empty today.
Fellah, S.Meddah, "Etude Tribologique Comparative de Biomateriaux AISI 316L et Ti-4Al-6V 2 22eme congres Francais de Mecanique (CFM 2015), Lyon, 24 au 28 Aout (2015), France