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A fine-grained, light-colored igneous rock, composed chiefly of feldspar and quartz.

fel·sit′ic (-sĭt′ĭk) adj.


(ˈfɛlsaɪt) or


(Geological Science) any fine-grained igneous rock consisting essentially of quartz and feldspar
[C18: fels(par) + -ite1]
felsitic adj


(ˈfɛl saɪt)

a dense fine-grained igneous rock consisting typically of feldspar and quartz, both of which may appear as phenocrysts.
[1785–95; fels (par) + -ite1]
fel•sit•ic (fɛlˈsɪt ɪk) adj.
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The veins occupy northwest-striking fractures that cut volcanic rocks, microdiorite and felsite porphyry of the Cretaceous-age Tip Top Hill Formation.
Carbonate-Rich Albitite and Albitite Felsite. The carbonate-rich albitite consists of fine to medium grains of near end-member albite ([Ab.sub.97-100]), calcite, and dolomite (Figure 4(d)).
The Braithwaites though-they've gotten wind of the outing and are planning to join with their little semihellions, Felsite and Fillmore.
The 16 papers here discuss such matters as the felsite quarry complex of Northmaven in Scotland, new discoveries at the Mynydd Rhiw axehead production site, seamer axeheads in southern England, obsidian in the Near East during the Halaf period as a case study on why people use exotic raw material, interpreting evidence for prehistoric conflict, and ideology and context within the European flint-mining tradition.
Rare earth element deposits in inferred felsite intrusions.
(1968) The Rooiberg Felsite north of Middelburg and its relation to the layered sequence of the Bushveld Complex.
Perhaps we should associate the appearance of the felsite bar whetstone in Period sub-III with this development of polished slate.
The seams are virtually flat throughout the area, but are locally intruded by felsite domes, which reduce the overall reserve.
These intermediate-felsic hypabyssal rocks are mainly composed of quartz porphyry, granite porphyry, granite, felsite, granodiorite, quartz monzonite, and diorite porphyry.
Fletcher (1881, 1884) divided the mountain into a "central slate series" surrounded by "syenite" and "felsite", unconformably overlain by Devonian sedimentary rocks.