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felt 1

a. A fabric of matted, compressed animal fibers, such as wool or fur, sometimes mixed with vegetable or synthetic fibers.
b. A material resembling this fabric.
2. Something made of this fabric.
Made of, relating to, or resembling felt.
v. felt·ed, felt·ing, felts
1. To make into felt.
2. To cover with felt.
3. To press or mat (something) together.
To become like felt; mat together.

[Middle English, from Old English; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]

felt′y adj.

felt 2

Past tense and past participle of feel.


adj, -tier or -tiest
resembling felt
References in classic literature ?
All about us we could hear the felty beat of the raindrops on the soft dust of the farmyard.
The horses also had been fed for a fortnight on straw from the thatched roofs and had become terribly thin, though still covered with tufts of felty winter hair.
Felty Funeral Home in Carrier Mills is assisting the family with the details.
Felty's syndrome (FS), characterized by the triad of seropositive rheumatoid arthritis (RA), neutropenia and splenomegaly was first described in 1924 [1, 2].
Meanwhile, Pakistan's wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan, was happy to have scored a maiden hundred in the second ODI, but felty that they again came up short in the eight-wicket defeat against the Australians.
Gellatly, who runs the business with his daughter, Jenn Felty, is spending another $550,000 to renovate the 10,000-square-foot facility.
Donley will be filling the seat as a parent of a child with special needs, which was previously held by Wanda Felty. Her appointment will expire Jan.
15 August 2018 - Florida, US-based creditor's rights law firm ALAW has merged with Ohio, US-based creditors' rights law firm Felty and Lembright Co., L.P.A., the company said.
Nikki Small of Ewe Felty Thing will cover the basics of both needle and wet felting, The cost is PS45 to include all materials and tools (which will be kept by the participants).
Felty's syndrome was identified in 1924 by Augustus Roi Felty when one of his patients presented with the same symptoms as five other patients in surrounding hospitals (Green & Fromke, 1966; Hume, Dagg, Fraser, & Goldberg, 1964).