female aristocrat

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Noun1.female aristocrat - a woman who is an aristocratfemale aristocrat - a woman who is an aristocrat  
aristocrat, blue blood, patrician - a member of the aristocracy
czarina, czaritza, tsarina, tsaritsa, tzarina - the wife or widow of a czar
noblewoman, peeress, Lady - a woman of the peerage in Britain
female monarch, queen regnant - a female sovereign ruler
male aristocrat - a man who is an aristocrat
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A female aristocrat has won a court order granting her anonymity after appearing in court accused of attempting to murder an elderly baronet with links to Kippen.
ARURAL school set up by a female aristocrat almost 300 years ago will close today after the number of pupils dropped to just 15.
I am reminded of the 18thcentury French cartoon "the swing", which depicts a wealthy female aristocrat swinging to and fro, blissfully unaware that, just over the garden wall, the downtrodden masses are about to start the revolution that would claim her head.
The 35-year-old female aristocrat has been part of the Otago Museum's collection for more than a century.
Ng discusses the revolutionary privileging of the younger brother in Paradise Lost, the idealized espousal of the female monarch and female aristocrat in Margaret Cavendish, and the productive tension between equality and hierarchy in Quaker marriage metaphors.
Perhaps surprisingly for a French take on the by now old-old story of a young married English female aristocrat who finds physical pleasures with the gamekeeper on the estate, the film isn't flavored with much in the way of "ooh-la-la" French dressing.