female sibling

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Noun1.female sibling - a person's sisterfemale sibling - a person's sister      
kinswoman - a female relative
sis, sister - a female person who has the same parents as another person; "my sister married a musician"
male sibling - a sibling who is male
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6-year-old female sibling brought with complaints of clitoral prominence since birth, development of pubic and axillary hair since 3 years of age.
The normal female sibling bears most of the suffering as she is expected to provide the physical and emotional care for her disabled brother/sister.
A 16-year-old female sibling said of living with a 12-year-old brother: "Having to babysit when I want to go hang out, or something.
Having written a MOET theory critique in 1987, one of the modules examined was to further speed up generation turnover, even faster by instead mating top indexing MOET young sires and females on a 15-month basis, rather than evaluate production records of MOET female sibling teams.
05 (girls with a female sibling were significantly more prosocial than boys with a male sibling).
A female sibling might be moved by the flood but the continuous crying got on her nerves too, prompting her to resort to indifference rather than risk a fresh outburst.
The third conclusion is that female siblings generally use relational maintenance behaviors at a higher rate than male siblings (Myers & Members of COM 200) and female-female sibling dyads generally use relational maintenance behaviors at a higher rate than male-male sibling dyads or cross-sex sibling dyads (Mikkelson, 2006b; Myers & Members of COM 200).
One older female sibling in early adolescence lamented, "Sometimes you can't go out to some places that aren't handicap accessible .
It's common for one female sibling to be working in the fields alongside the parents, another to be working in a bar in Bangkok, and perhaps another getting a secondary education," remarks Rende Taylor.
No information was found on whether having a female sibling influences rape attitudes and empathy levels, although Deitz, Blackwell, Daley, and Bently (1982) found that knowing a rape victim did increase one's empathy level toward rape.
Third, in the sibling blocks, all of the eldest male and female sibling dummy coefficients are negative and statistically significant, indicating that the eldest brother has the lowest probability of dropping out from school.