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Noun1.feminisation - the process of becoming feminized; the development of female characteristics (loss of facial hair or breast enlargement) in a male because of hormonal disorders or castration
pathologic process, pathological process - an organic process occurring as a consequence of disease
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La feminisation de ce domaine repose en effet sur plusieurs facteurs, particulierement le fait que les fonctions [beaucoup moins que]com[beaucoup plus grand que] sont, avant tout, des metiers de la relation, de l'humain, de la polyvalence et de la negociation.
This increased risk may be due to the hormone therapy that transgender patients take for masculinisation or feminisation.
Subramanian, while addressing a press conference here, shed light on the need for gender-specific measures highlighted in the survey, particularly in the agriculture sector, due to 'feminisation' of this segment.
Transformation Street UTV, 9pm FACTUAL This week we meet author Juno, who was born male but plans to undergo feminisation surgery.
Elsewhere, Danni, 34, a former Army Commando, is awaiting facial feminisation surgery, and tells of her marriage breakdown after announcing to wife, Sue, that she wanted to be a woman after just five months.
Selon des sources citees vendredi par Assabahnews, il s'agit en premier lieu et dans le cadre du rajeunissement et de feminisation de l'attelage gouvernemental, des deux deputes du mouvement a l'ARP representant les expatries tunisiens en Italie, Imen Ben Mohamed et Oussama Essghaier, ainsi que de Saida Lounissi, representant ceux de France.
Partial contents: "Vocational Training for Liushou Women in Rural China: Development by Design," by Hongxia Shan, Zhiwen Liu, & Ling Li; "The Feminisation of Migration and the Migrants VET Policy Neglects: The Case of Skilled Women Secondary Migrants in Australia," by Sue Webb; "Celebrity Chefs and Masculinities among Male Cookery Trainees in Vocational Education," by Anne Mia Steno & Nanna Friche; "Some Boys' Problems in Education--What Is the Role of VET?," by Christian Helms Jorgensen; "Still a Perfect Model?
Saudi Arabian businesses have lost an estimated SR800 million ($213.3 million) because of the government's feminisation programme, said a report.
Quand on etudie le vocabulaire concernant la feminisation des noms de metiers en frangais, alors on pense a la feminisation de la societe qui a apporte des changements dans la langue.
The skills of Faure and Gorin are expected to add value to Avanquest's new strategic orientation, it said and added that the appointments will contribute towards the feminisation of the company's board, to reflect the increasingly important role of women in the digital sector.
TWO Tory MPs, one of them a GP, had a spat this week over the consequences of the "feminisation" of the medical profession.
Chapter 4 illustrates on biopolitics and value concerning labour and its feminisation; quoting Karl Marx, she argues that the position of domestic work is considered "simple labour" in terms of skills required.