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A person whose beliefs and behavior are based on feminism.
Relating to feminism.

fem′i·nis′tic adj.


another word for feminist2
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When Simon Nishikanta, huge and gross as in the flesh he was and for ever painting delicate, insipid, feministic water- colours, when he threw his deck-chair at Scraps for clumsily knocking over his easel, he found the ham-like hand of Grimshaw so instant and heavy on his shoulder as to whirl him half about, almost fling him to the deck, and leave him lame-muscled and black-and-blued for days.
Razumov refer mentally to the popular expounder of a feministic conception of social state), "as to him, for all his cunning he too shall speak out some day."
The strong central character, Sangri, adds some feministic streams to the work.
The character portrayal of Zaitoon reveals Sidhwa's feministic trends.
So she made propagation of democracy, human rights, feministic fervor, and the secular liberal Muslim policy based international relation as her diplomatic tools.
class="MsoNormalDISTURBING RULING class="MsoNormalThe incels blamed the feministic agenda of empowerment for denying them the right to engage in sexual acts on their terms.
The fact that the stubborn Akissi is his only heir, adds a feministic slant to Tadjo's text: Akissi becomes the first to transgress the Law of the Father, and to leave her father's kingdom for the Great North, where her mother originated from.
It is also integral to include a Feministic perspective, as this can be found at the base of the entire Ecofeminist perspective.
In other words, the Quran's injunction needs to be borne in mind, at all times, about the mutual goodness which spouses need to render each other when it is enjoined by Allah: "And forget not grace towards one another: Verily Allah sees what you do" (2: 237).12 If only we would be able to understand the depth of the words thus stated, we would think a thousand times before proposing and legislating such bills that may occasion the ventriloquism of misogynistic phallogocentrism and generate such mindlessly conscious polarization that subscribes to a specious feministic agenda.
The letter is a feministic lamentation of societal disdain for women.