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1. Slang A person, especially a lesbian or a gay man, who exhibits stereotypical feminine traits, often in an exaggerated way.
2. Informal A woman or girl.

[French, from Old French, from Latin fēmina; see feminine.]

femme adj.
fem·my adj.


adj, -mier or -miest
(Sociology) markedly or exaggeratedly feminine in appearance, manner, etc
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Herminihildo Capuchino, Firefly Group, Remy Medrano, James Uy, Ador Pleyto and Boyet Legaspi, Jun Sevilla, Femmy Medina, Jun Topacio, Tony Marfori, Jimafer, Fiscal Villanueva, Gov.
The other NCA members are Boyet Legaspi, Jun Sevilla, Femmy Medina, Jun Topacio, Tony Marfori, Jimafer, Fiscal Villanueva, Gov.
"But I clearly had interests in some 'femmy' stuff as well - there was also a little of me in Holly," Alix's teenage sister in the strip.
In "Minor Heroisms," curated by Nat Muller, artists Burcak BingE[micro]l, Imran Qureshi, Aisha Khalid, Hayv Kahraman, Azade KE[micro]ker, Femmy Otten and ExtramE-cadele (Extrastruggle) -- aka Memed Erdener -- depict stories of ordinary people, as opposed to those of classical miniatures, which are often focused on epic events in the lives of significant figures such as sultans, viziers and warriors.
Hayv Kahraman, Aisha Khalid, Azade Koker, Femmy Otten, and Imran Qureshi, curated by Nat Muller
Prentiss Jr.; Rita, Children & Grandchildren''$100"Frank, Alan, Mom, Bob & Helen; Your loving family''$100"Nana, April & Mary Ann''$100"Patty Mahota; Papa, Mom, Cheryl, Mary Beth''$100"Alphonse & Femmy Matta; Love, Diane''$50"Bobby Pugliese Jr.; Aunt Vickie, Uncle Mark, Uncle Bill & Aunt Ann''$50Daniel Krull$50"Michael Healey; Matt, Leah & Amanda''$50"Walter Beinar & Pat Kelley; Wife, Mother''$50"Walter, Josephine & Addie''$50"All our loved ones who have gone before us; Love, Elaine & Neil''$25"Ann & Jim Healey; Mary, Skip & Mike Jenkins''$25"Ann E.
It has been owned for the past two decades by Dutch couple Ruud and Femmy Bolmeijer who have decided to downsize.
El tercer ensayo, "Baure Motion Events: Exploring the Gramatical Resources", es de Femmy Admiraal, del Institute for Linguistics, de la University of Leipsig, y "explora los eventos en baure desde una perspectiva tipologica".
Priod annwyl y diweddar Olive, tad tyner Carol a Gareth, tad yng--nghyfraith hoff Brian a Noelle, Taid caredig Huw a Kerry, Gwen a John, Femmy, Elin a Caleb, hen daid Moli a brawd annwyl Win, Mair Rhys ar diweddar Lisa, Trebor a Dafydd.
Make that "Christmas show." The titles of these rapier-sharp parodies of holiday standards tell it all: "God Bless ye Femmy Lesbians," "Crystal Time in the City," and "I'll be Cloned for Christmas." And for those who want to hear a Hanukkah ditty hoist on its own petard, there's "I Had a Little Facial."