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a. femorotibial, rel. al fémur y a la tibia;
___ capillarycapilar ___;
___ membranemembrana ___.
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Mono-iodoacetate-induced histologic changes in subchondral bone and articular cartilage of rat femorotibial joints: an animal model of osteoarthritis.
The range of internal and external rotation in the hip internal rotation angle (IRA), external rotation angle (ERA), thigh foot angle (TFA), femorotibial angle (FTA), and metatarsus adductus index (MAI) were measured as physical findings of the toe-in gait group by a goniometer before using MWI.
Kecilerin kalin kikirdak yapisi ve insanlara benzer eklem anatomisi vardir ve femorotibial eklemin artroskopik muayenesi mumkundur (37).
If the fracture involved any articulating portion of the patellofemoral and femorotibial joint under direct arthroscopic visualization during range of motion, this was considered as the bearing surface involving [Figure 2].
Evans (2002), senaLa que la artroLogia de la rodilla se compone de una capsuLa articular femorotibial, formada por tres sacos, dos entre los condilos femoral y tibial (sacos articulares tibiofemorales) y un tercero, que es profundo a la patela (saco articular femoropatelar).
Complications associated with conjoined intramedullary pin placement for femorotibial joint luxation in a Solomon Island eclectus parrot (Eclectus roratus solomonensis).
"Sprifermin appears to be the first investigational medicinal product to show dose-dependent prevention of cartilage loss and an increase in cartilage thickness, not only in the total tibiofemoral joint [TFJ] but also in both the medial and lateral compartments, including the central medial femorotibial region," said Marc H.
An arthroscopy done at the beginning of the surgery confirmed a grade II chondropathy of the medial femorotibial compartment based on Outerbridge classification with intact lateral femorotibial or femoropatellar compartments.
For each articular compartments; patellofemoral joint (PFJ), medial femorotibial joint and lateral femorotibial joint scores were calculated (maximum attainable scores are 88, 110 and 110, respectively).