fence mending

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Noun1.fence mending - social action to improve poor relations (especially in politics); "they moved forward from a period of fence mending to substantive changes in the country"
social action - a social policy of reform (especially socioeconomic reform)
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Robert Goforth attracted a sizable share of the vote in a sign the incumbent has fence mending to do with his political base.
It always happens with every political contest and it is after that you start the fence mending and you started by saying the party has been full of contentious elements, but it is one of the most incredible party in the nation today.
Kim said there was no chance of passage even if the deal was submitted, making it possible to assume that the government has made a promise it can't keep or its fence mending was nothing but a stopgap that will be defrayed.
More than 170 year eight students sps ent the day at Ministeracres Retreat, in Northumberland, where they were given tasks to complete including thistle bashing, grass cutting, fence mending, bird box making and undertaking a survey on the local wildlife.
At Tucker Hill Farm, Heinrich, or Henry, his American name, helped gather maple sap for syrup, deliver baby lambs, plow and plant crops, and cut trees for firewood and fence mending. In the fall he harvested vegetables and crops.