fence off

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w>fence off

vt sep piece of landabzäunen; to fence oneself off (from somebody) (fig)sich (von jdm) absondern
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An Israeli enemy patrol, consisting of two trenches and 9 elements, crossed the technical fence off the town of Aita al-Shaab at 8:00 am yesterday.
You need an area you can fence off and keep an eye on easily.
His mother Helen is calling on Gateshead Council to improve their "no swimming" signs and fence off the water to stop people from going in.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Israeli army deployed six armored personnel carriers and erected six tents near the fence off the village of Dhairah in Southern Lebanon.
WORK will soon start to fence off Tubli Bay in a bid to stop illegal reclamation said to be destroying the area.
THE miniature railway society commented on the welcome attraction it is as a service to the public, but the fact remains all other clubs and societies in the park do not fence off their area permanently to the general public from their own park, only letting them in on 13 days a year and charging them for the privilege.
The licensee wants to fence off with metal railings an area which has over the years been used for outside drinking in good weather.