fence rail

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Noun1.fence rail - a rail that is split from a logfence rail - a rail that is split from a log  
rail - a horizontal bar (usually of wood or metal)
rail fence - a fence (usually made of split logs laid across each other at an angle)
References in classic literature ?
So now we was both on our knees with our chins on a fence rail and gazing--yes, and gasping too.
The equipment also includes a full telescoping fence rail, which retracts to create a portable package teams can use across their job sites.
You'll use it to cut slots in the fence rail, which allow the fence faces to slide in or out.
One ace that Karlovic fired down in the first set bounced so high that it clipped a fence rail and arrowed into the Royal Box, forcing Pippa Middleton to take evasive action.
The reflex hammer in my white cotton jacket glinted in the sunlight resembling spurs, as I wedged the heels of my Dansko "boots" on the fence rail. I agreed not to change needles between patients or meticulously swab with alcohol wipes, the terms under which I was assigned the job of "shot putter." I was inoculating the calves as they pushed through the chute.
Away from the UK it is not the norm to fence rail or motorway and never has been.
Peeler 390 LED (in) 15.8 3.5 8.3 29 SED (in) 13.7 3 7.2 25.8 Length (ft) 15.5 4 7.2 19.2 Sawlog 505 LED (in) 17.9 4.8 9.5 39.8 SED (in) 15.2 3.3 7.7 29.9 Length (ft) 11.6 2.7 6.2 16.8 Pulpwood 138 LED (in) 12.7 2.9 6.9 23.2 SED (in) 9.4 5 4 16.2 Length (ft) 15.5 6.2 5.3 23 Scraggwood 31 LED (in) 13.6 2.7 7.9 18.6 SED (in) 9.9 2.1 5.8 15.6 Length (ft) 16.4 5.4 8 26 Fence rail 60 LED (in) 16.1 3.2 10 25 SED (in) 14.4 3.1 7.9 22.8 Length (ft) 10.2 1.7 8 14.3 Waste 17 LED (in) 18.1 4.9 11.2 28.5 SED (in) 16.7 4.2 10.8 25 Length (ft) 7.5 3.2 2.5 14.2 (a) SD = standard deviation.
Perhaps a news article from 1994 said it best when a reporter called Jim Campbell "as sure-footed as a cat on a fence rail" when it came to business.
On the Rockwell saw, you flip out a hinged fence rail. The only drawback to this fence is that it must remain in the extended position for any cut, so it takes up quite a bit of room.
Other nights I would drive up and he would be chasing up and down the fence rail, challenging the next-door colt to a practice race.
A stately oak and a weathered fence rail along Willamette Street near Spencer Butte stand out against thick fog, a common valley visitor on autumn mornings.
They witnessed extrusion of rigid PVC fence rail at 22-24 ft/min, as compared with normal rates of 14-16 ft/min.