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a person who remains neutral or undecided in a controversy.
fence′-sit`ting, n.
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Noun1.fence-sitter - a person who won't take sides in a controversy
neutral - one who does not side with any party in a war or dispute
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I find myself something of a fence-sitter in this matter.
We then use the model to assess the extent to which differences in the proportion of the Fence-Sitter LVB across electorates predicts variation in voter turnout for the 2011 NZ election.
Not being a fence-sitter I'm going to stump for Real to do the business with both teams scoring at 10/3.
Push too hard and you're being invasive, but bypass the phone and studios miss a chance to convert a potential fence-sitter.
Little of this will be news to gung-ho gun guys, but this volume will make a great gift for that fence-sitter in the family.
According to Natasha Page, a compost expert at Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, demonstration sites are one way to get the ball moving forward in fence-sitter communities where composting could be intimidating, or just simply new.
For the fence-sitter who is not ready to admit to being a hipster, these will go great with your vintage denim.
Never a fence-sitter, Wilson has created a devil's advocate in theatrical form, pitting two best-friends against each other - one fervently proud to be British, the other a soon-to-be dad unconvinced this country will provide a future worthy of his unborn son.
On this issue, I'm quite proud to be a fence-sitter, with one foot on each side.
I'm not usually a fence-sitter, but it's terrific having two such wonderful horses around.