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a.1.Without a fence; uninclosed; open; unguarded; defenseless.
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A parson fenceless would mean a parson defenceless.
The aggregated Soyle Death with his Mace petrific, cold and dry, As with a Trident smote, and fix't as firm As DELOS floating once; the rest his look Bound with GORGONIAN rigor not to move, And with ASPHALTIC slime; broad as the Gate, Deep to the Roots of Hell the gather'd beach They fasten'd, and the Mole immense wraught on Over the foaming deep high Archt, a Bridge Of length prodigious joyning to the Wall Immoveable of this now fenceless world Forfeit to Death; from hence a passage broad, Smooth, easie, inoffensive down to Hell.
Objective: The need to widen the range of tasks that robots can handle and the emergence of the so-called fenceless robotic systems that can safely work alongside humans have required the development of tactile sensors that can detect changes in the surroundings throughout physical contact and force sensing, Allowing improved safety.
KARACHI: Fenceless killer railway track of Karachi devoured another life on Friday, as the Pakistan Railways authorities continue their irresponsible attitude regarding fencing the main railway track running between densely populated areas of the cityAccording to details, a man was killed after being hit by a train on Landhi railway track area on Friday.
Bootes truck takes a sharp turn into the predominantly Latino section of town, with large Victorian cottages, fenceless yards, and mature trees.
Fenceless in Bend, my only retrieve-something-from-a-neighbor moment came at the Beef 'n Brew restaurant, when our 3-year-old son dropped one of his Nike shoes over the high-backed booth and onto a guy's plate of surf and turf.
Fenceless paddocks employing "real time" GPS systems to guide animal behavior pose an exciting opportunity.
Thanks to the City of London Corporation, who acquired the rights from the Crown with the Act, this ancient forest is still here, fenceless.
Except for one yard, I took the fenceless cut-throughs because I didn't want to risk disrupting lullabies with the shower-sound chain links make under the vaulting weight of my 115-pound frame.
In reality it was the Winner Group Handicap over a fenceless mile and a quarter, but that did not stop Bridgwater ending up in the number-one spot with his winning hurdler and chaser Tempuran.
What was once a cattle and sheep farm almost entirely denuded of game is now a largely fenceless wilderness teeming with herds of plains game and mountains covered with the once-threatened antelope and zebra, the primary quarry for this hunt.