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a.1.Without a fence; uninclosed; open; unguarded; defenseless.
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"A parson fenceless would mean a parson defenceless."
The aggregated Soyle Death with his Mace petrific, cold and dry, As with a Trident smote, and fix't as firm As DELOS floating once; the rest his look Bound with GORGONIAN rigor not to move, And with ASPHALTIC slime; broad as the Gate, Deep to the Roots of Hell the gather'd beach They fasten'd, and the Mole immense wraught on Over the foaming deep high Archt, a Bridge Of length prodigious joyning to the Wall Immoveable of this now fenceless world Forfeit to Death; from hence a passage broad, Smooth, easie, inoffensive down to Hell.
A car fell into a fenceless drain along a road in Mochi Gate.
if they can't get past the fence, they will just be on their merry way to greener pastures [i.e., your neighbor's fenceless garden]).
* CoboAccess_Pal S is an affordable mobile, fenceless & compact cobotic palletiser for low speed featuring Universal robot with payload up to 10kg and an automation plat-form combining a PC and PLC
THE "fenceless and free-toenter" National Eisteddfod has been welcomed by visitors to the festival Maes in Cardiff Bay.
The rangers are also a buffer between the human settlements they come from and the fenceless reserve.
It pioneered fenceless bank building frontage, creating an inviting banking atmosphere.
KARACHI -- Fenceless railway track of Karachi killed yet another man here on Saturday.
A man was killed after he was hit by a train as he was crossing fenceless Keamari railway track on Saturday.
KARACHI: Fenceless railway track of Karachi killed yet another man on Saturday.