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Noun1.fencesitter - a neutral or uncommitted person (especially in politics)fencesitter - a neutral or uncommitted person (especially in politics)
political science, politics, government - the study of government of states and other political units
individualist - a person who pursues independent thought or action
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If every day, at least one customer service interaction results in making a fan out of a former fencesitter customer, both reputation and revenues can be favorably impacted.
FenceSitter, the site moderator's username, is on hand to give commenters a gentle push toward civility as a "Politix Diplomat." In a debate related to the site's story "Should the US Intervene if Israel and Iran Come to Blows?" that was getting heated, FenceSitter wrote, "Nice conversation here ...
More importantly, Khamenehi appears to be a fencesitter, too.
Jaiba is, of course, an old jibaro term, and the "jibaro jaiba" is an iconic Puerto Rican character: the fencesitter, the hustler, the pragmatist, the cynic, the slacker.
The player was and is the ultimate fencesitter (he admits he could not decide which way to vote before the decision was taken not to travel to Zimbabwe) and often not even Murphy can penetrate that shell, even when it comes down to the argument of whether Stewart or Jack Russell should keep wicket.
As a pundit, renowned as a non-tackling fencesitter. Comes to life when discussing West Ham players, ie Joe Cole and Trevor Sinclair.
Moreover, lightning rod issues, as in the 1770s and 1850s, make the space between battle lines a no man's land, forcing majority moderates and compromising fencesitters to choose or be called out as willing collaborators with the other.
We fencesitters are glad that the new chief of the PNP in the National Capital Region, Gen.
Profiling the fencesitters in New Zealand elections: A latent profile model of political voting blocs.