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Noun1.fencing mask - a face mask made of fine mesh that is worn over a fencer's facefencing mask - a face mask made of fine mesh that is worn over a fencer's face
face mask - mask that provides a protective covering for the face in such sports as baseball or football or hockey
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The woman was alerted to the man - who was wearing what appeared to be a fencing mask - by her barking Golden Retriever on the night of August 20.
The New Jersey native, who wore a black Muslim head scarf underneath her fencing mask was beaten 15-12 by Cecilia Berder of France in the last 16.
The main aim of this study was to assess the presence of a nasal obstruction due only to physical activity performed with fencing mask in professional athletes.
The room also holds his pistols, a set of spurs and fencing mask.
Sometimes, when people put on a fencing mask there is an amazing transformation and a true fencer appears.
With neonblue eyes glowing behind what looks like a mesh fencing mask, Atom appears to be more alive than the gleaming, cutting-edge counterparts he faces in the ring.
Probably the first one was invented by an Ivy League man, Fred Thayer, who in 1876 adapted a fencing mask for Alexander Tyng, then with the Harvard Nine.
Their meetings have no referees, no prizes and few rules, and the fighters' only protection are gloves and a fencing mask.