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Noun1.fencing material - material for building fences
building material - material used for constructing buildings
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She, however, said it was not true that fencing material was left unattended nor was it true that material was stolen, adding that the site was last visited in September 2017 by the district deputy council chairperson who was accompanied by officials from both headquarters and the sub-district to inspect works after the perimeter fencing was completed.
The proposed code change stipulates that the additional fencing would have to be made of tension wire or wire strand and have "a minimum open diameter between wire strands of 8 square inches." Chain link and polypropylene or plastic fencing materials would be prohibited as deer fencing material.
Made from steel tubing, and formed into panels covered with a durable fencing material that accepts FastGrass panels or natural cover, the panels fit together to create a box blind complete with trap door for shooting.
From a distance, the fencing material appears to be plastic sheeting, but it actually is a geotextile fabric that allows water to flow through.
To make a trellis, a heavy gauge of fencing material works best.
It will be enclosed on three sides with fencing material. The fourth" side will be left open to allow easy access when adding material to the pile.
When you complete a fencing project, it is always a challenge to find a use for the fencing material left at the end of a roll.
All fencing material shall meet AASHTO M181 unless otherwise stated
The subject shall be the supply and delivery of barbed wire and fencing material to Cuba:
This process can be used to produce items such as railroad ties, large planks, telephone poles, siding, decking materials, fencing materials, decorative trim materials and wood replacements.
* Fencing products are constructed with the highest quality fencing materials, resulting in strong, durable fences that blend into the landscape.