fend off

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Verb1.fend off - prevent the occurrence offend off - prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening; "Let's avoid a confrontation"; "head off a confrontation"; "avert a strike"
foreclose, forestall, preclude, prevent, forbid - keep from happening or arising; make impossible; "My sense of tact forbids an honest answer"; "Your role in the projects precludes your involvement in the competitive project"
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w>fend off

vt sepabwehren; attacker alsovertreiben; criticismzurückweisen; competitionausschalten
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We pay for every nerve marathon we run, nor can John Barleycorn intercede and fend off the just payment.
We went sneaking down the slope of it to labboard, in the dark, towards the texas, feeling our way slow with our feet, and spreading our hands out to fend off the guys, for it was so dark we couldn't see no sign of them.
It was an avalanche of fury that Johnson strove vainly to fend off. He threw one arm down to protect the stomach, the other arm up to protect the head; but Wolf Larsen's fist drove midway between, on the chest, with a crushing, resounding impact.
She raised the spear to fend off the heavy missile, but she was not entirely successful, and the impact of the blow carried her backward upon the couch, and instantly Metak was upon her.
You know I am not par- ticularly tender; I've had to strike and to fend off. I've had to resist and to attack sometimes--that's only one way of resisting--without counting the exact cost, ac- cording to the demands of such sort of life as I had blun- dered into.
French monarchs used the fortress to fend off enemies in the 16th and 17th centuries
Donald Tankoua manned the paint with 19 points, nine rebounds, four assists, two blocks, and an assist, while Calvin Oftana scored 10 to help the Movers fend off the Altas.
The Fuel Masters begin feeling out the tougher part of their schedule when they tangle with Rain or Shine, the team nipping at their heels, at 4:30 p.m., and coach Louie Alas is hoping that the Painters will come in weary after having to fend off NorthPort late Friday night.
Given his view that Mitek is now better positioned to fend off Elliott's $10 per share proposal, Schappel thinks the activist will either need to up its offer meaningfully, drop its bid altogether or formulate additional steps such as proposing a dissident slate of directors.
NABLUS, August 27, 2018 (WAFA) -- Local families from the village of Einabus, south of the West Bank district of Nablus, Monday managed to fend off an attack by Israeli settlers against the northern part of the village, said a local activist.
The army units, backed up by the artillery and missile units' heavy fire, engaged with ISIL near the town of Albu Kamal in Southeastern Deir Ezzur, and managed to fend off the terrorists' heavy attack.
TV's Anne Robinson explains that her early success as a reporter was down to a desire to fend off amorous MPs "Everyone is in terror of saying the wrong thing about everything, you can't really debate any subject."