fender bender

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or fender bender (fĕn′dər-bĕn′dər)
n. Informal
A collision involving motor vehicles that results in minor damage.

fend′er bend`er

Informal. a collision between motor vehicles involving only minor damage.
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Despite a number of fender benders through the years, I have always been proud of being a fairly good driver.
Drivers getting used to its return were involved in some fender benders, while youngsters headed to the hills with their sleds to enjoy the upside of the change in the weather.
Some motorists on the highway between Tehran and Karaj to its west spent a grueling 10 hours to travel 42 kilometers (26 miles) as drifting snow and fender benders stranded thousands of commuters.
Chevrolet is using cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensor technology to help drivers avoid these rear-end collisions and blind spot-caused sideswipes, as well as parking lot fender benders and more.
With severely reduced visibility, many motorists found themselves in fender benders prompting a flurry of police officers to respond to accidents in all corners of the nation.
Earlier in the morning, multiple cars went off the road or were in fender benders on Interstate 89 in Grantham, Maslan said.
I know our traffic police are very busy attending the numerous fender benders that careless driving causes.
She first sparked concern when she was involved in a series of fender benders starting when she hit a cop car this past April.
OAI recommends that drivers who anticipate getting in lesser-costly collisions like fender benders obtain mini-tort coverage, as damages they could be awarded in court are usually within the newly approved $1,000 mini-tort cap.
35 fender benders occurred in Sofia in the last 24 hours with 2 people sustaining more serious injuries.
Eugene police stayed busy chasing fender benders, Lt.