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n. pl. fe·nes·trae (-trē′)
1. Anatomy A small anatomical opening, as in a bone.
2. An opening in a bone made by surgical fenestration.
3. Zoology A transparent spot or marking, as on the wing of a moth or butterfly.

[Latin, window.]

fe·nes′tral adj.
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n, pl -trae (-triː)
1. (Biology) biology a small opening in or between bones, esp one of the openings between the middle and inner ears
2. (Zoology) zoology a transparent marking or spot, as on the wings of moths
3. (Architecture) architect a window or window-like opening in the outside wall of a building
[C19: via New Latin from Latin: wall opening, window]
feˈnestral adj
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(fɪˈnɛs trə)

n., pl. -trae (-trē).
1. a small opening or perforation, as in a bone, esp. either of the two oval openings between the middle and inner ears.
2. a transparent spot in an otherwise opaque surface, as in the wings of certain butterflies and moths.
[1820–30; < New Latin; Latin fenestra window, hole (in a wall)]
fe•nes′tral, adj.
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Noun1.fenestra - a small opening covered with membrane (especially one in the bone between the middle and inner ear)
orifice, porta, opening - an aperture or hole that opens into a bodily cavity; "the orifice into the aorta from the lower left chamber of the heart"
ear - the sense organ for hearing and equilibrium
fenestra of the vestibule, fenestra ovalis, fenestra vestibuli, oval window - fenestra that has the base of the stapes attached to it
otology - the branch of medicine concerned with the ear
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rex's skull -- called the dorsotemporal fenestra -- were filled with muscles that assist with jaw movements.
Type V: The stapedial footplate is fixed and a fenestra novovalis is necessary.
When comparing the 0.6mm and 0.4mm diameter pistons, it was found that using the smaller fenestra, the ABG closure was worse at the short-term (3 weeks) but similar at the long-term (1 year) follow-up.
La proliferacion de espacios sociales en Internet ha provocado que cualquier ciudadano--con la capacitacion tecnologica suficiente- pueda, ademas de consumir, generar, producir mensajes que se difundan entre la audiencia globalizada (Casero y Fenestra, 2012).
(2012), in their studies on the development of the skulls of Leptodeira hotamboia and Ptychoglossus bicolor, respectively referring the development of columella auris in relation to fenestra ovalis of otic capsule and quadrate.
Muda e harmoniosa trata-se de uma membrana que testemunhou todas as fendas e pequenos aglomerados da fenestra. Da fenestra, a mesma que se abriu e fechou anos a fio por tantas maos, e todas as maos deixaram uma particula de si.
The pars intermedia has got a well developed mandibular fenestra, however, shallow in all its extension in the species analysed; and the pars caudalis supports the muscles that move the jaws, besides being the area of articulation with the quadrate bone, important structure of the mandibular kinetics
Within Heterodera, two types of fenestration are further distinguished: ambifenestrate, in which each fenestra is semicircular and bifenestrate, in which each fenestra is circular.
Head-shield relatively large and broader than it is long, between 40% and 45% of total dorsal length of dermal armour; postpineal plate drawn into pronounced point towards orbital fenestra; postpineal plate in contact with lateral plate.