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 (fĕn′ĭ-strā′tĭd) or fen·es·trate (fĕn′ĭ-strāt′, fĭ-nĕs′trāt′)
1. Architecture Having windows or windowlike openings.
2. Biology Having fenestrae.

[From Latin fenestrātus, past participle of fenestrāre, to furnish with windows, from fenestra, window.]
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The neuroendoscope was placed into the lateral ventricle and the third ventricle to evaluate the severity of CVI; to obliterate the intraventricular debris, pus, and clots; to fenestrate or incise the intraventricular compartments; and to reconstruct CSF circulation.
Studies have demonstrated that mechanical stress could cause physical alterations in the ONH, such as misalignment of the fenestrate in lamina cribrosa, which may lead to axoplasmic flow obstruction due to its back bowing.
Brain vessels located in the centre of the cellular infiltrate began to express markers of fenestrate endothelium such as the endothelial-specific expression of MECA32 suggesting an altered functional status of the endothelial cell [88].
On day 32, laparoscopic surgery to fenestrate the lymphocele into the peritoneal cavity was performed by introducing a ~5 cm incision in the peritoneum.
* Orient and fenestrate for control of solar gains and optimized daylighting;
Multiple studies have examined the benefits of ultrasound-guided dry needling to fenestrate tendons with PT (29,30) Housner and associates looked at the variety of injection therapies and found needling and physical disruption of the tendon to be the common attribute of the treatments.
The procedure was first performed by William Mixter, an urologist in 1923 using an ureteroscope to fenestrate the floor of the third ventricle8.
lata, Synedra ulna, Cyclotella meneghiniana, Tabellaria fenestrate, Cocconeis placentula, and Pinnularia major are organic pollution indicator species and were present at both tides [51-56].
Some paleoenvironments of die coiled fenestrate bryozoan Archimedes.
The Lost River Chert Bed is found above the Goodes Cave entrance in a sequence of sublithographic and micritic limestone beds bearing brachiopods and fenestrate bryzoas.
At this point, the plan was made to take her to the operating room the following day to remove the mass and possibly fenestrate the septum pellucidum.