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 (fĕn′ĭ-strā′tĭd) or fen·es·trate (fĕn′ĭ-strāt′, fĭ-nĕs′trāt′)
1. Architecture Having windows or windowlike openings.
2. Biology Having fenestrae.

[From Latin fenestrātus, past participle of fenestrāre, to furnish with windows, from fenestra, window.]


(fɪˈnɛsˌtreɪtɪd; ˈfɛnɪˌstreɪtɪd) or


1. (Architecture) architect having windows or window-like openings
2. (Biology) biology perforated or having fenestrae


(ˈfɛn əˌstreɪ tɪd, fɪˈnɛs treɪ-)

also fe•nes′trate,

1. having or characterized by windows.
2. having small openings or fenestrae.
[1820–30; < Latin fenestrātus (see fenestra, -ate1) + -ed2]


a. fenestrado-a; que tiene orificios o aperturas.
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* Juxtarenal, pararenal and suprarenal AAA (using fenestrated and branched stentgrafts).
The grouping of these works with James Casebere's seductive photographs (such as Asylum, 1994, which renders us complicit voyeurs of institutional confinement) and with Toba Khedoori's monumental paintings of minimalist grids and fenestrated surfaces represented the height of this biennial's tendency to be gorgeously abstract but still disconcerting.
We describe one of the few reported cases of granulation tissue that formed within a fenestrated tracheotomy tube.
The following recommendations were adopted by the Infection Prevention and Control Committee: use an antibiotic-coated catheter for patients expected to have the device in place for [is greater than] 7 days; disseminate the clinical practice guideline to surgeons, anesthesiologists, house staff, and nursing staff dispense maximum barrier precaution supplies (i.e., gown, mask, gloves, and fenestrated drape with insertion tray); and hire a vascular catheter-care nurse for the surgical ICU.
As visitors approach the complex, they are greeted by a fenestrated brick exterior capped with a continuous band of glass and precast concrete.
(Hans are the caravanserai: places in which merchants stopped on their journeys to spend the night and trade; individual rooms are arranged on two or three floors grouped round a central market court; the pattern can be found across the whole Muslim world from western China to Cyprus.) I think that the architects are wrong in trying to make this analogy: a much more obvious and relevant parti is the bazaar: a contained organism in which there is an obvious separation between the public internal streets and the semi-private fronts, with in the interiors a mysterious private world sometimes illuminated by skylights or fenestrated domes.
pipe including; High definition 30degree laproscope Hand instruments; Veress Needle 120 140 160cm; Veress Needle 120 140 160cm; Trocar & Cannula CFT 5mm Trocar & Cannula CFT 10mm Maryland dissector Medium 5mm Mixture 90 degree dissecting & Grasping Forceps-5mmL30cm; DMR-05-30-01 Allies Grasper Dia 5mm L-30cm Babcocks Atrogrip Grasper Dia 5mm L-30cm Fenestrated Medium Grasper Dia 5mm L-30cm etc.,
At present, there are some endovascular techniques designed for the treatment of ascending aorta and aortic arch pathologies.[sup][2],[3],[4] However, creating patient-specific customized fenestrated, branched stent graft is time-consuming and expensive,[sup][2] which limits its application, especially in emergency situations.
An opening was made on left ventral abdominal floor and a fenestrated tube was fixed (Fig.
has completed the first two cases using their AortaFit system to support simplified fenestrated endovascular aneurysm repair (FEVAR), the company said.
All screws are color-coded according to their diameter, cannulated, fenestrated, self-cutting and self-drilling.
Bony and dural abnormalities include small, shallow bony posterior fossa, large, gaping foramen magnum, concave petrous temporal bones, short concave clivus, widened heart shaped tentorial incisura, fenestrated falx, irregular interhemispheric fissure.