fenfluramine hydrochloride

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fen·flu·ra·mine hydrochloride

A drug that suppresses appetite by altering brain levels of serotonin, formerly used in the management of obesity.

[Shortening and rearrangement of (tri)flu(o)r(omethyl)phen(ethyl)amine, one of its constituents.]
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Fenfluramine hydrochloride is a Class IV controlled substance and is classified by the Physician's Desk Reference as an anorectic.
The FDA approved Fenfluramine hydrochloride as an adjunct for short-term use as an appetite suppressant.
7-46] Appetite suppressants that have been studied and found to be safe, effective, and of low abuse potential include diethylpropion hydrochloride (75 mg daily), mazindol (1 mg daily), phentermine hydrochloride, fenfluramine hydrochloride (d-fenfluramine and the racemic dl-fenfluramine), fluoxetine hydrochloride (60 to 80 mg daily), and phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride (75 mg daily, available over the counter)[7-46] (Table).