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A small nocturnal fox (Vulpes zerda syn. Fennecus zerda) of desert regions of northern Africa, having fawn-colored fur and large pointed ears.

[Arabic fanak.]


(Animals) a very small nocturnal fox, Fennecus zerda, inhabiting deserts of N Africa and Arabia, having pale fur and enormous ears
[C18: from Arabic fenek fox]


(ˈfɛn ɛk)

a small large-eared desert fox, Fennecus zerda, of N Africa and Arabia.
[1780–90; < Arabic fanak < Persian]
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Cette ruee sur les truffes qui proliferent apres la pluie a, egalement, engendre une tension parmi les mammiferes du parc a l'instar de la gazelle dorcas, l'oryx, le lievre et le fennec.
Then there is the Fennec fox cub on sale in a Tunisian market, a thresher shark captured in a net off Mexico and a Philippine eagle cruelly trapped and fed by a handler wearing a fake bird glove.
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Some animals, like the fennec fox and the jackrabbit, keep cool with the help of their huge ears.
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La liste renferme la tortue de mer egyptienne, le faucon des sauterelles, le fennec, le chat des montagnes, le chat des sables, le perpallidus, ainsi que d'autres especes d'oiseaux et de plantes.
There's no shortage of wildlife, in fact: from the rare Arabian leopard to the Saharan fennec fox, whose huge ears radiate body heat, and--again from Madagascar--Dumeril's ground boa, which belies its name by hanging around in trees and eating birds.
To meet the Arab world's requirements for highly-capable multi-role military helicopters, Eurocopter's Fennec AS550 is a proven aircraft suited for extremely hot climates and high altitudes.