fennel flower

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Noun1.Fennel flower - nigella of Spain and southern Francefennel flower - nigella of Spain and southern France
nigella - any plant of the genus Nigella
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Another candy, Al-Asha, made from fennel flower and sesame seeds, dough and sugar, is "delicious and tastes great," according to Sobhi al-Mzayyen, who works at Sayfo Sweets.
CUCUMBER, LEMON AND FENNEL FLOWER GIN THE coolness of the cucumber, the twist of lemon and the aniseed pep of the fennel flower come together to make a wholly refreshing drink.
Vast land and favorable environment provide a good opportunity for the plantation of these plants, including cumin, coriander and fennel flower, he added.
Top notes include Sicilian bergamot, wild fennel flower and star anise mixed with purple vanilla orchid and white amber.
A good combination is fennel flower, cow parsley, chive blossom, Japanese anemone, eucalyptus, mint, and dahlia, but a small selection from your flower beds will work just as well, say Becker and Shewring.